MD DREAM Act Statewide Leaders Meeting

Saturday, June 16th & Sunday, June 17th (Washington, DC)

On November 6th Maryland Voters who go out to the polls will be deciding if DREAMers will have access to in-state tuition rates. MD DREAMers have started to organize campaign efforts to pass the MD DREAM Act. DREAMers from the DC Suburbs, the Baltimore Area, Western MD, and the Eastren Shore will becoming together for a weekend in June to solidify their plans and create statewide efforts to win the MD DREAM Act!

Date: Saturday, June 16th & Sunday, June 17th 
Time: 9am to 5pm both days
Location: Georgetown University Law Center

Goals of the Leaders Meeting
1) Bring MD DREAM Leaders together to build relationships and begin to support each other

2) Build commitment between DREAMer groups who have started to form

3) Have participants learn about the MD political system and how to develop campaign strategies

4) Have groups set plans for MD DREAM Act Campaign (both for individual groups & statewide efforts)

Will you join us? We are looking for DREAMers who have started up organization in their schools or DREAMers who are willing to do the work needed to begin a group. If you have any questions or would like more info please contact Roberto Juarez at

Register your group for the leaders meeting today!

Leaders Meeting Regisration Form

Maryland DREAM Youth Committee

Online Voter Pledge: I pledge to keep dreams alive

For more then 10 years DREAMers, advocates, political leaders, and countless individuals have work to ensure all students in Maryland have access to higher education regardless of where they were born. Last year Governor O'Malley signed Senate Bill 167 or the MD DREAM Act into law. The law would allow any student who graduated from a Maryland High School, whose family have paid their taxes, and is ready to enter college access to the same tuition rate as all their peers.

The dreams of so many youth in Maryland have been put on hold from a effort cut down the law before it has even started. The MD DREAM Act has been put to a referendum where MD voters will decide who can have access to education and a chance to pursue their dreams.

You can make the difference. We need you to pledge to vote to support DREAMers in Maryland who have overcome so many obstacles put in their path because they lack the proper documents. Fill out the simple form below below to make your pledge.

We need your pledge to keep dreams alive!


Want to do more?  

Help get the word out! Get more family and friends to make the pledge. You can print out the voter pledge card or voter pledge sheet to take to your church, work, or community events. Just contact us at to coordinate how we can collect the voter pledges.

If you want to volunteer during our outreach efforts, start up a team, or support the In-State Tuition Campaign more just fill out the interested form on our take action page.

 Voter Pledge Cards & Sheets

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You can find DREAM Act facts sheets and useful information for your outreach efforts on our links and resources page