Links and Resources 

This page contains helpful information for DREAM Act eligible youth, educators, and community advocates.

Please contact us if you have any questions or are looking for more information.  

General Resources 

 General Information about the DREAM Act:

DREAM Act Bill Summary 05-2011.pdf DREAM Act Bill Summary 05-2011.pdf
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Type : pdf
DREAM Act - Effects on Economy.pdf DREAM Act - Effects on Economy.pdf
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Type : pdf

MD In-State Tuition Fact Sheets:

MDYC SB 167 Fact Sheet.pdf MDYC SB 167 Fact Sheet.pdf
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Type : pdf
MDYC - Dispelling In-State Tuition Myths.pdf MDYC - Dispelling In-State Tuition Myths.pdf
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Resources for Youth Activist & Students:

 Know Your Rights Info:

Immigrant Youth Handbook English.pdf Immigrant Youth Handbook English.pdf
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 Scholarship Info & College Guides

If you are an undocumented student remember you have the right to attend a college or university in Maryland! The pathway to college for an undocumented student is the same as a student with papers, although there will be many challenges and paying for school maybe the biggest. It takes determination and creativity. Many Dreamers have overcome the challenges and have received their degree. Below are some helpful guides and links!

Dream Educational Empowerment Program (DEEP) - Achieving equal access to education nationwide, regardless of immigration status.  

 Resources and Guides for Dreamers

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Resources and Guides for MD Students

These are guides for MD students to use in their pathway to college. There is info how to plan for college, the testing needed, finding a school, and how to apply to college.

College 411: A Student Guide to Higher Education & Financial Aid in Maryland

Scholarship Organizations & List


Esperanza Fund:

Dream Scholarship Fund:

Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund:

Hispanic College Fund:

Hispanic Scholarship Fund:

Resources for Educators & Counselors
There is a lot an educator can do to support a DREAMer. Here are some links to great webpages:

Web Resources:

National Immigration Law Center: &

Immigrant Legal Resource Center: &

DREAMer Lead Organizations:

United We Dream Network (National)

DREAMers Adrift (DREAMer created art, music, literature, & videos)

Arizona DREAM Act Coalition (AZ)

Arkansas Coalition for the DREAM (AR)


El Cambio (NC)

Familias Inmigrantes y Estudiantes en la Lucha (TX)


Kansas Missouri DREAM Alliance (KS & MO)

New Jersey DREAM Act Coalition (NJ)

New Mexico DREAMers in Action (NM)

North Texas DREAM Team (TX)

Orange County DREAM Team (CA)

Salt Lake DREAM Team (UT)

San Antonio Immigrant Youth Movement (TX)

Student Immigrant Movement (MA)

Students Working for Equal Rights (FL)

University Leadership Initiative (TX)