Maryland DREAMers are Owning It!

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First of all, big thank you to all the advocates and advocacy organizations that have been fighting for years to get the MD In-State Tuition Bill passed (CASA de Maryland, Industrial Areas Foundation Affiliates in Maryland, Faith Leaders from across the state, School Administrators, Teachers, State & County Political Leaders, and many more) and to Sen. Victor Ramirez for taking the lead, working so hard, and helping create a voice for DREAMers in our state.

Once again, it was great to be surrounded by DREAMers outside of a Senate Gallery. Memories of all the great work done during the Lame Duck Session came rushing back. It was somewhat different though, something was missing. When I asked “HOW WE FEELING!” the answer was “good I guess”. The DREAMers I know most defiantly have an answer to that question.

We are working on getting some “MOTIVATED, DEDICATED, DOWN RIGHT EDUCATED” MD DREAMers taking the lead in our state! We are at the beginning stages but you can already see DREAM Movement taking root in our State.

MD DREAMers took the initiative to step up and take on leadership for the MD In-State Tuition Bill. A few weeks back, we went to the State Capitol to meet with the Senate Leadership and began to develop our own intelligence on the political situation. We came up with a strategy to target the swing votes. We coordinated efforts like a state wide “phone jamming party”. In one weekend a group of 4 DREAMers were able to go out their community and gather 200 signatures in a key swing district! A group of 8 DREAMers got 5 days and came back with over 300 signatures, letters from their principals, letters from former members of the county council, and the support of their county board education, and drove 3 hours to hold a meeting with the State Senator with over 20 Dreamers in attendance! Just imagine what DREAMers in MD will be doing in a few months!

We need more young people in our state to become DREAMers. To become leaders and have their voice heard, to fight for our own future, the future of our families, and the future of our state. Maryland is looking towards the great work done around the country by DREAMers and we’re ready to join the movement.

Maryland DREAMers are beginning to “own it”! Now it’s on the getting the Maryland DREAM Act passed in the House of Delegates and signed by the Governor!

Roberto Juarez

Maryland DREAM Youth Committee

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