About Us


Mission and Vision

The Maryland DREAM Youth Committee (MDYC) is an immigrant youth led organization started in July 2010. We are creating a place for undocumented youth to become empowered to push for educational opportunities and fight for a pathway to their goals. We will accomplish this by building a strong presence that can gain support from communities around the state and work with our political leaders. Our vision is to reach out to schools and communities around Maryland to organize and mobilize for immigrant youth rights.


What Have We Done So Far?

 We have supported and lead efforts to pass the federal DREAM Act, fought for access to in-state tuition for undocumented youth, stopped the deportation of DREAM Act eligible youth, and pushed the Obama Administration to grant relief to DREAMers through Deffered Action. Lastly, we are very proud of our role in the 2012 Maryland DREAM Act campaign, which is now law of MD !

We are accomplishing all this through trainings, retreats, and conferences for youth leaders in Maryland. We have joined national actions in Washington DC and participated in national & regional convenings to plan out the strategies for the DREAM Movement and currently we are pushing for Comprehensive Immigration Reform in 2013. Fill out our Interest Form to get involved.


Organizing Methods

The MDYC is an immigrant youth led grassroots movement. The MDYC uses community organizing principles to develop its leaders, structure, and campaigns. Leaders have been trained with New Organizing Institute curriculum.



Leadership & Structure

The MDYC is a statewide organization that coordinates local, state, and national campaigns with leaders and affiliate groups located throughout Maryland. Regular meetings, trainings, and planning session are held by MDYC leaders.

The MDYC is an affiliate the United We DREAM Network (www.unitedwedream.org).  



Web Resources

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) - www.weownthedream.org 
MD Dream Act and Scholarships - www.md-dyc.org
National Network - www.unitedwedream.org

 MDYC Core

WORK IN PROGRESS - Please be patient (: 

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